Club Theatre and Economic Recovery-(Upcoming events)

Made in America - there isn’t much that is truly made in America anymore. Theatrical works for stage, screen, airwaves, and the internet are one of the few things that are completely produced here. New plays are no exception. We’re getting new works out this spring and summer, coming to a venue near you.

Come to Gloucester, MA on Wednesday March 24 and Wednesday, April 7 for two very special events, both starting at 7:30 pm. The Pleasant Street Tea Co. hosts two very special events. Chuck Draghi’s “The Sin Eater” and Pete Holm’s “All the Brits in New York” will be read by North Shore actors and actresses, Keith Littles, Tom Graves, Roseann Hogan, and other area actors on March 24. This is where our program started: this is our return to a very special town that is an American treasure and literate and cinematic haven that complements the industry and artisans here.

A benefit for Disabled Veterans is hosted by Glenn and Allison on April 7, when Pete Holm’s new play “A Cure for Green Grass and the Blues” will be presented.

Seating is limited for both events, so contact for tickets.

Made In America series “Hot Rep New Plays” coming this summer.

Mark your calendar for July 21-August 1, when CTB Playwriting contest winner Elizabeth Kuster’s play “The Last Superhero” and Pete Holm’s”A Cure for Green Grass and the Blues” are produced by The Studio at the Old Creamery Theatre in Amana, Iowa. Look for listings in Boston, New York, and other cities for Club Theatre presentations as well. Support new plays, and they will support your community.

Thank you for your continued support.


Bette Green At Club Theatre Boston


Club Theatre Boston in residence at, The Green Room @ Erbaluce in the Bay Village at the edge of the Theatre District, presents its 2010 Season for Readings featuring award-winning author Bette Greene presenting her new work on January 26.

Bay Village resident, Bette Greene is the author of Summer of My German Soldier, and its sequel Morning Is A Long Time Coming as well as many best-selling award-winning novels. She dramatizes her work in an appearance at Boston’s premiere New Works Project, Club Theatre Boston at The Green Room @ Erbaluce.

Ms. Greene presents a dramatized version of her work and will offer a book signing and a Discussion on Censorship and Autobiographical Fiction following the presentation.

Press and Interviews should could contact Peter at 617-653-5050 or

Club Theatre Boston Announces January Play Readings at The Green Room@Erbaluce 69 Church Street, Boston, MA 02116.

Call 617-653-5050 for Info.

Admission is FREE by reservation.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 7pm

“A Cure for Green Grass and the Blues” by Peter Holm

Pete Holm’s new play about Deployment, Re-deployment, Faith, and Disability

The play will be followed by a panel Discussion on Re-Deployment of Disabled Vets with local Playwrights, Authors, and Journalists

For information and Reservations contact

Tuesday, January 26, 2010, 7pm

Performer, dramatist, and author, BETTE GREENE performs her theatrical piece with music and discusses the teleplay and the Musical that have been developed from her work.

Check for events in February and March as well.


On Veteran’s Day (Remembrance Day) I Thank the Players and John Kuntz

This is Club Theatre Holiday…
On Veteran’s Day (Remembrance Day) I Thank the Players and John Kuntz

We’re approaching the season when we reflect and give thanks. Today we give thanks to veterans, in two weeks we count our blessings again with family and friends. While I’m putting the finishing touches on my new play about a returning vet, which will premiere in The Club Theatre new works series in January 2010 along with Bette Greene’s resurrected piece about her “German Soldier”. And many more great events for the season. I’d like to thank some veterans of the local stage and close friends and “family” as well. I’d like to thank Keith Littles and Tom Graves for lending their great talent to this project to breath life into new work. This past season we’ve had great new work introduced to the Boston Arts and theatre community. I’d like to thank Beth Kuster for bringing her work to be presented, and congratulate her on her production in New York of “The Last Superhero”, thank you to Barbara Matteau for her new plays, and we look forward to adding her work into our Repertory, and all the other plays and players this past season of 2009 who gather in an upstairs space at the edge of the fabled Boston Theatre District in a transformed Film vault in the Bay Village. They congregate because they are dedicated to presenting new theatrical work in Boston, they have not received much more than some good meals and wine from erbaluce. We’ll continue on Mondays and Tuesdays until there are no more works to present, infinity…

…Meanwhile, please support local Boston theatre, especially new works. Please see “Salt Girl” by John Kuntz at the Boston Playwright’s Theater until November 22. John Kuntz is an innovator who exemplifies what great new work is. I have made many mistakes in the past in a production capacity, and the one I regret most is not being able to raise the cash he required for us to produce his work in a little theatre cafe in Allston a decade ago. John Kuntz is now a veteran of the Boston stage, and his work deserves the support of all theatre goers. Thank You, John Kuntz. And thank you to all who support new plays.

Please feel free to Blog here with any news on new work or experiences you have in presenting new works.

Pete Holm


Club Theatre on the radio

Hello everyone!

Pete Holm is appearing on “The Jordan Rich Show” on 1030AM WBZ shortly after midnight on Sunday a.m. (Saturday night July 25-26) Join him while he discusses his new books, the club theatre site and blog, and the Green Room @erbaluce. He will be joined by Chuck Draghi. Be sure to tune in!


Is Theater really dead?

Here’s a lively discussion on verse drama:

It’s the Poetry Foundation’s Blog and

I’m Thomas Brady.

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